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Nu Imago

Nu Imago is a series of works that capture the rejuvenation and rebirth of persona in an individual and their image. Imago is the final stage of metamorphosis in insects where it attains its maturity from the pupa stage and emerges from its cocoon to achieve its final form and develop its wings, signifying adulthood in the insect’s life. The winged insects and the idea of the free spirit, and is the reoccurring motif of this body of work.


With this body of work, it is an exploration into dreams, hopes and fears of the view of individuality. Continuing with my art practice of taking a glimpse into the subconsciousness and imagination, each of the works have a small, open narrative for the viewers to interpret what is going on and how it relates to each other. Emphasis is placed on the imaginary with the use of colour and imagery. With the reoccurring motifs appearing in each and every one of the works, they are acting more about the metaphorical transitions an individual experiences in a similar vain to how insects evolved.

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