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Finding Solace in Remote Sands

Finding Solace in Remote Sands explores the feeling of solitude within oneself to unearth their inner peace and reconcile with the immediate environment one is situated in. Whether one needs to reflect on life, one would isolate themselves into a private retreat. Linking the desert and the home space resembles the personal isolation and privacy one may look for as a sort of escape from the world or as a retreat to their personal space to self-reflect. However positive or negative it may be, each artwork depicts a lonesome figure (or two) in a desolate setting, having a moment of introspection and experiencing the fleeting feeling as they interact with their surroundings.

Finding Solace consists of paintings done primarily in oil paints, some of them incorporating elements of mixed media. Objects included in each painting reflect on the homeliness of a room, creating a sense of intimacy within the setting. Sometimes, the structures appearing in each work reflects the condition of the state of mind an individual is currently experiencing. With the figure in each artwork, they convey the sense of intimacy and self-reflection with the interaction between spaces. With Finding Solace, it is seen as a personal reflection on oneself and the desire to find the inner comfort within solitude.

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